4/5/2022 – Content News for you Wonderful Patrons!


  Wow! What a crazy last few months! We accomplished several goals on our list, here is a breakdown!

The Unofficial Castle Ravenloft – Talespire Edition Kickstarter 

We have funded (!) and are now on track to promote the Kickstarter via every avenue we can find. We’re SUPER excited! The work for the Kickstarter will not impact our adventure creation/writing as we will be partnering with all the folks over at the Talespire Builders Guild to get the maps made 🙂

5e Adventure PDFs with Talespire support as well as custom 2D battlemaps


  • Publish our first adventure, which will be free / pay what you want, as an example of what we are capable of. Say hello to the Mystery of Bludmist Swamp!
  • Publish another adventure, like the first, only better! That is how Rescue at Berylfork Mines came about! (currently free here for Adventurer+ patrons)
  • Worked with an awesome mapmaker over on Fiverr to translate our Talespire maps into 2D battlemaps. It was super fun to see our builds transfer over to 2D although they are… a LOT large than the average one page 2D map 😉 Try 10×10 pages, hah!

Moving Forward

The plan is for the latest two adventure PDFs to be available to Adventurer+ Patrons, here at Patreon, after that they will be available for purchase at Drivethrurpg.

The idea is that someone could join as a $7 patron and effectively get two titles for the price of one at DTRPG (plus get other Patron perks)!

At some point we will also add the titles to our website with a discount for all patrons.

Encounter Boards, Encounter Charts and Talespire 5e Creature Blueprints


  • The Talespire 5e creature blueprint database continues to be updated at a rate of around 10 creatures per adventure!
  • Madwizard over at Talestavern will be updating the site to house the database, he’s just been busy lately. We hope to make the transition in the next month or so.
  • We have started collaborating with ThatGuyBaldrax who has created a Talespire terrain generator which works WONDERS for outdoor scenes. This greatly reduces the amount of time needed to create some boards, which means we can spend more time on fine detail/writing! 

Moving Forward

Our future plan for encounter boards is to publish them, for free, at Talestavern. We feel Talestavern is a much better place to search/filter/find just the right board you are looking for (Patreon posts are sooo cumbersome!).

The encounter charts will stay on our website and a better system created for selecting terrain, generating encounters, etc. This content will be limited to Patrons only (you will need to login with your Patreon account) and will be MUCH easier to access 🙂

We also plan on expanding the encounter charter to include specific, written descriptions to go along with some encounters.

We definitely want the encounters content to be robust enough to make it worth your patronage 👍

VTTJ & Demongund

Things have grown a lot since I started years ago! With my good friend Tony on board and several super cool partners, I have created the Virtual Tabletop Journey business/branding/logos and such. As it isn’t a one man show anymore, at some point I will be switching this Patreon over to VTTJ to better reflect that what you are receiving is a dedicated group effort 🙂

Thanks SO much for your support! We couldn’t do any of this without you!

— John & Tony