5e Adventure – Mystery of Bludmist Swamp

The potion maker Meriadel is desperate to find more supplies or she will be forced to move shop! Her supplies come from dangerous areas of the Bludmist Swamp and hardy adventurers are needed to find out what happened to the source of her… most valuable potions.

This adventure includes…

  • A 20 page story to challenge a group of four 4th level characters, with notes for increasing difficulty ⚔
  • A full color region map 📜
  • THREE full color 2D swamp battle maps, compatible with 2D Virtual Tabletops!
  • 2D reference maps to be used in conjunction with Talespire boards
  • Instant import creature blueprint link (one-click to have a token ready in Talespire!) 📘👹

Board Details

  • Pre-created tokens
  • Quick environment/lighting blocks (look for the chickens) 🐔 
  • Three scenes: Swamp Exploration, Meriadel’s Hut, Swamp Ruins

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