About John & Tony

Founder - John Fuller

I'm a father and RPG/video gamer of 30 years plus. I've played a LOT of systems. My top picks...

  • Roleplay - Deadlands is the best. Nothing beats a spaghetti western horror that rewards you for roleplaying flaws.
  • Crunch/superhero - HERO (I just wish it didn't take new players 2 months to be able to play).
  • General fun - D&D 5th Edition is simple and fun can be started right away.

For work, I've been in IT a long, long time and have moved up into project/product management. I love systems and processes and efficiencies and integrations and all such techie stuff. When not working I like to stream TaleSpire, play games, do aquarium stuff and hang out with my family.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Founder - Tony Hart

Bio info in the works!