Curse of Strahd – Werewolf Den – Now Available!

Virtual Tabletop Journey, and all Demongund patrons present the iconic Curse of Strahd – Werewolf Den recreated for use in TaleSpire! With only a few quick copy/pastes, your adventurers can track their quarry to its werewolfy lair! 🐺

The PDF at DMSguild (pay what you want) contains alternate room descriptions and other board information.

In addition to the board, a provided PDF enhances the original Curse of Strahd module, which you will still need. If you are just starting your campaign, I also recommend getting a Guide to the Curse of Strahd campaign.

The PDF includes…

  • 1 revised room descriptions which accurately reflect rooms visible to players.
  • Details about the challenges of converting 2D maps to 3D.
  • That’s about it, the map isn’t very complicated!


BrotherHanan – The giant wolf head entrance statue!

How to get it!

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