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John Fuller (Demongund)
Tony Hart (Heimdahlr)


We here at Virtual Tabletop Journey, are helping new and veteran players experience the Curse of Strahd campaign like they never have before, by professionally re-creating the iconic locations within the 3D virtual tabletop program – Talespire.

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Castle Ravenloft – Talespire Edition Kickstarter – Coming 3/29/2022
Curse of Strahd – The Amber Temple – Promo Video
Curse of Strahd – Death House – Promo Video


Curse of Strahd – Amber Temple
Curse of Strahd – Death House
Curse of Strahd – Werewolf Den
Crystalline Encounters
Witch’s Swamp
Curse of Strahd – Village of Barovia
Curse of Strahd – Tsolenka Pass
Cavern Battle

Sample 5e Adventure Products

Mystery of Bludmist Swamp – Level 4 5e Talespire Adventure PDF