Virtual Tabletop Journey was founded to provide extremely high quality digital resources for online RPG play. In addition to commission work, we produce 5e Adventures, with a focus on 3D content for the TaleSpire virtual tabletop program.

5E Adventures

We have a library of 5E adventures at DriveThruRPG! Each is a high quality PDF with 2D maps as well as full, game ready maps for use in Talespire!

Virtual Tabletop Maps

Save time and create ambiance in your games with premade, high quality Talespire maps! We have a wide assortment of general terrain encounter maps as well as re-creations of populate Wizards of the Coast materials. Notably, we ran a successful Kickstarter in April of 2022 which resulted in the creation of seven Curse of Strahd campaign maps in Talespire. These maps and their associated alternate description PDFs are Pay What You Want at DMSGuild / DriveThruRPG.

Game Master Resources

The Talespire 5e Blueprint Database

This database allows OGL 5e creatures to be imported into Talespire with a single click. It is hosted by our good friend MadWizard at Talestavern. An instructional video can be viewed here.

Videos and Tutorials

Visit us at YouTube for tutorials and general industry discussions of virtual tabletops.

Support VTTJ!

If you want to support our work, join our Patreon! Funds received are used to commission Talespire maps from professional builders, produce YouTube videos, and create an assortment of VTT related stuff.